We had a vision of creating a cost affective, effective and non-toxic fly repellent for horses and dogs.  Both of these animals have very little defence against flies and the diseases they carry, both are equally traumatised by spray bottles being used near their eyes or face, hence the advent of SJ-10 unique Wet wipe application tissues, specifically designed for areas around the face and ears.

SJ-10 Fly Repellent Spray & Wet-wipesSJ-10 was formed after three years of extensive testing, we were determined to create a product that ticked all the boxes, pushing through frustration and adversity to create, what we believe is the best product on the market.  A non-toxic, eco-friendly and biodegradable product with absolutely no poisons or chemicals added, an organic product that is safe for our animals as well as the environment, a cost effective solution with a zero tolerance for troublesome and annoying flies, ticks and fleas (dogs).

We have a passion for animals and their well-being, this product is dedicating to San Johan, son of the notorious Western Winter, one of the top leading stallions in South African history.  SJ-10 has experienced a truly amazing response, throughout South Africa as well as internationally.

SJ-10 is now the standard product range in some of the top racing yards, stud farms, equestrian centres and equine veterinary clinics. SJ-10 products are available at most leading retailers, please ask your local supplier when their stocks are arriving…

We are very excited about the SJ-10 brand going forward and would like to thank the many people involved for all their hard work and dedication.

What are people saying…?

Klaawevlei Stud (Cape Town) 

“An unbelievable product that really works.  Wonderful for our foals and horses.”

Bronwyn Friedman

“We love the really convenient and innovative wet-wipes that make applying around the eyes so easy.”

Natal Saddlery

“SJ-10 fly spray wipes makes fly spray application effortless. One wipe at a time.”

Hitching Post

“Our customers are extremely happy with the SJ-10 range.  It really works!”

Assagay Feeds

“We have plenty of repeat customers who love SJ-10, particularly the biodegradable wipes that are so easy to use.”

Claire Harms

“Fantastic product! The wipes are amazing for my sensitive horses and the spray definitely works.”

Holly Cairns (Equine services SA)

“Practical, pleasant, eco-friendly and cost effective wipes and spray.  Easy and safe for my horses and dogs.”

Jennifer Harms (Kildare Lodge Stables)

“I’m very impressed with SJ-10 fly repellent, I’ve had great results and delighted to have found the product.”

TJ Summerfield

“I absolutely love the product.  The wipes are a lifesaver and my horses have become more trusting and calm.”